Columbia Universtiy School

University of Toronto

Why did you choose this school?

The first reason why I chose this university is because of its prestige. I won’t lie, rankings are still very important in my choosing college process. Without prestige there is a possibility that I won’t be able to get well paid jobs back in Taiwan or have less choice in what I want to do. However, while doing more research about the university, I realized that I really liked that they had a co-op program. Co-op program is a working opportunity during the school year. My school has 2 co-op terms during second year and third year. I am always a more hands on learner so having a co-op program would allow me to get real life experience. As a business student, it is also important to use the concepts we learned in class into the real world. In addition, the program I applied to, management and international business, we are required to study abroad and work abroad for one semester each. This would allow me to travel and understand cultures around the world. Because of UofT’s prestige, they are able to connect to well known universities and companies all over the world. In addition, UofT takes care of its international students after graduation. A common concern for international students is that they aren’t able to work after graduation. However with the help of the Canadian government, students are able to apply for working permits after graduation. Lastly, it was the price. Compared to American universities, UofT is cheaper.

What is your favorite thing about your school?

I haven’t been on campus but for my stay at an online university, my favorite thing is my fellow students. They truly push me to become better. In UofT, you have to work hard. People around you are all working hard. That is a really motivating place to be. Although at times overwhelming, it is admirable and important that I keep myself in this competitive world.

What is the best memory studying at your college?

Like the question before, I haven’t been on campus yet. From what I have experienced, my favorite thing is working with new friends on projects. Though some projects are so time consuming and annoying, it allowed me to befriend people all over the world. I got to know more about the cultures around me. It was really wholesome for people in my group chat to send good luck messages before an exam or talk about what courses to pick. I think again the people are the best part of UofT.

Do you think it’s worth it?

There are definitely things that are challenging and I often joke I want to retire and go live on the beach but I don’t regret choosing this school. I think it’s a new challenge. There are multiple times where I wanted to grab my hair and yell but I think in the long run it’ll benefit me. The courses are intense but I think that my foundation would set well in the future. There are many hardships that I can only see now but I understand that in the future I will not regret it. Writing this during finals is more pessimistic but I swear UofT is a good choice [see question 1]!

Jenny Lee, University of Toronto ’24


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