Columbia Universtiy School

University of Southern California

Why did you choose this school?

USC is no doubt my dream school so it was an obvious choice for me. Located in the city of Los Angeles, USC is the top school for entertainment / film in the US. The Marshall School of Business is also one of the best business schools for undergrad. I have also absolutely loved the weather and atmosphere of LA since I was little. 

What is your favorite thing about your school?

The resources USC provides are absolutely the best! As a Business of Cinematic Arts student, I have both access to The Marshall School of Business and School of Cinematic Arts. Both departments offer numerous career resources and host all kinds of events. In the past year, I was in the same zoom session with Jude Law, writer of The Queen’s Gambit, and also actress and filmmakers from To All The Boys franchise. 

What is the best memory studying at your college?

Even though my freshman year was purely online, classes were still very interesting. For my Learning About International Commerce class, we were helping two real companies from Ecuador on their global business strategies. My professor and the company owners wanted us to get the best experience we could have so they sent a coffee testing kit and chocolate samples to every student! They spent $3000 NTD shipping fee sending a package from the US to Taiwan alone. So there I was, drinking coffee and tasting chocolate like a pro at 2 am in my room. 

Do you think it’s worth it?

I understand that USC is one of the most expensive institutes in the US, but USC also provides a lot of benefits to its students that’s very rarely seen in other schools. Plus, USC is a very academically renowned school in the US. The alumni relations are very closely knit. I have also heard great things about campus life and experiences (can’t wait to go to football games!!). So all in all, I would definitely say USC is worth it!

Stephanie Cheng, University of Southern California ’24


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